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How We Used Facebook Lookalike Audiences to Target Shariah Audiences for Wayhome
The Client

Wayhome - the fintech challenging the traditional homeownership industry with their approach to Gradual Homeownership. They provide help to aspiring homeowners who can't buy the kind of home they really need or want with a mortgage.

The Challenge

Part of Wayhome's unique offering is that buying and owning with their help doesn't carry any interest or debt, making the product Shariah compliant. As a result, the Islamic community is a significant segment of their target audience.

However, targeting based on religious beliefs can prove to be difficult as platforms are rightfully set up to guard against discriminatory practices such as excluding based on religion. Our challenge was to find a way to positively expand our targeting to encompass more users that identify with Islam, effectively and at scale.

The Solution

With our performance marketing experts on hand we built our first campaigns manually. We did our research and focused on interests and behaviours that may be consistent with members of the Islamic Community.

We started from the ground up and leveraged Facebook to reach out to those that share interests with common TV channels, Islamic competitor banks and religious holidays such as Eid. 

Once these campaigns were set we started seeing healthy results, but we didn’t want to stop there. Their CPA was comfortable but we wanted to deliver greater volume and optimise CPA down.

We sent all traffic from Shariah-related campaigns, including search and social, to a single, highly-relevant landing page, which enabled us to segment and target the right audience with the right messaging. We were then able to leverage the Facebook pixel and create lookalike audiences based on users visiting this landing page to expand our reach.

The Results

After the first 4 weeks the overall CPA on lookalike campaigns were half of the original campaigns, with CPA on areas such as Berkshire dropping by a substantial amount.

The campaigns also allowed us to cast the net wider than interest targeting would ordinarily allow, increasing the volume of suitable customers and providing an under-served population in the housing market with an entirely new way for them to get on the property ladder.

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