We’ve helped over 25 fintechs catalyse their growth.
  • Increase customer acquisition.
  • Improve conversion rates.
  • Drive revenue.

Georg Rasinski

- HERE Technologies

With Growth Gorilla, we were able to get a new campaign into the market within 2 weeks, from agency onboarding to being live.

Daniel Scott


We’d recommend Growth Gorilla for fintech startups that have time to invest in preparation before execution!

Olga Kikas

Olga Kikas

- Change Invest

Growth Gorilla have an exceptional knowledge of the FinTech industry... the team is all about quality, not quantity...
I love working with GG.

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About us

The agency that is built for fintechs.
While others have merely adopted fintech. We were born in it, molded by it.
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Our Core Values.

You'll find our core values expressed in everything we do, whether it's developing a go-to-market strategy, building a landing page or trying to scale-up acquisition.

Man looking for strategies

We love data

Driving growth is about finding pockets of opportunity. We’ll study customer behaviour to find these and double-down when we do.

Man looking for strategies

We’re problem solvers

Launching a disruptive fintech proposition will have its challenges, we’re not scared to take them head-on.

Man looking for strategies

We give a sh!t

We care about the minor details, the outcome of every campaign and the success of each of our clients.

Our Troop.

Our average age is 34, which means we’re beginning to get grey hair but that means we have experience, which is what you need.

Shameer Sachdev

& Managing Director

Rapper, actor, artist - Shameer is none of those things, but he knows his sh!t when it comes to developing marketing strategy.

What he lacks in artistic talent, he makes up for with his depth of knowledge in both fintech & marketing.

Phil Ireland

Head of CRM

AKA the King of CRM. When Phil’s not helping clients get exceptional results, you can find him lost in the latest Netflix crime series.

And if you want to get on his good side to benefit from his undefeated CRM skills, he’s got a killer sweet tooth. Candy bribes are always welcomed by Phil...

Find out more about Phil

Ross Smith

Head of Performance Marketing

Ross isn’t ‘Google Ads Qualified’, Google Ads are ‘Ross Smith Qualified’.

If this doesn’t fill you with confidence, the organisation of his Spotify playlist will. Ross has over 12 years experience running paid media campaigns across almost every biddable media platform.

Find out more about Ross

Rob Cornish

Creative Director

Thankfully, Rob is much better at delivering awesome customer-centric websites and apps than he is at DJ-ing.

When he’s not snowboarding he’s pushing digital design to its limits.

Ben Seager

Lead Creative Designer

We’re not to sure what Ben actually looks like, he’s never turned his camera on for a Zoom call. He could be your neighbour, he could be anyone.

But that’s not the point, his First-Class Honours Degree in Industrial & Product Design is what really matters.

Michaela Paloglou

Account Manager

Our swiss army knife when it comes to Account Management. Her years of extensive experience on global planning teams make her the perfect person to make sure our clients lives are happy and stress free.

And when she’s not killing it at work? You can find her beating the competition at beach volleyball, cheffing it up for her friends or playing tennis. Multi-talented doesn’t cut it.

Nick Turner

Performance Marketing Manager

Nick is part social media advertising expert, part travel guide.

From Venice to New Zealand, he’s seen it all. So if you need advice on your next trip, or if you want to drive serious ROI on your paid social & app install campaigns, just ask Nick.

Find out more about Nick

Hannah Anast

Marketing Manager

Hannah spends 95% of her wages visiting every new restaurant in London, so if you ever need a recommendation, she’s your girl. 

That’s not all she can help with. Her experience in creative production for top global brands helps her make sure our clients' content actually converts…

Carolina Taylor

Marketing Specialist

Experienced in planning and executing digital and above-the-line campaigns, Carolina is at the centre of delivering activity for our clients.

There’s just one question...where did she go? (jk - she’s on maternity leave and will be back soon...we hope!).

Platforms & Technology.

The platforms and marketing stack you’ll use will depend on your target audience and customer journey. Luckily, we’ve been around the block.

Why Growth Gorilla is the best choice….


Another agency/Full-time hire

We’ve worked with over 25 fintech firms worldwide, you’ll be able to leverage our learnings for your company.

Most agencies are generalists, fintech might be something they do. A full-time hire will not have the depth of learnings.


A full senior growth team for the cost of one hire. We cover strategy & implementation across marketing & design.

You’ll be choosing from either a mid-level marketing generalist or a junior account manager at another agency.


Low - we’ve worked with two dozen fintechs and on average each team member has over 11 years experience. 

Not to mention after an initial period of 3-months we work month-to-month.

High! This is always an expensive gamble:

-Most agencies demand high commitment, 12-month fixed term contracts.

-A bad hire can cost you a year’s worth of salary and even worse, lost time.


We think of everything. We have a tried and tested onboarding process and can coordinate end-to-end delivery.

Hiring, onboarding and expanding a team is painful, expensive and time-consuming.




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