Finally, a marketing agency that knows fintech & financial services.

We help well-funded fintechs & financial services cut through the noise, launch with confidence, and grow without limits.

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This industry is a jungle.

One wrong step can be your last shot. We’ve heard the screams of floundering brands who got lost with the wrong agency. They wanted brand awareness, active users, and a clear path past the pitfalls. But they got misfiring marketers and no bang for their buck. And so, frustrations grew instead of their business.

We’re not born out of frustration, but we can save you from yours.

If you wanna give your brand the best chance of success, you need a marketing agency that hears where you want to go and knows how to get there. Most agencies think they can just jump into the jungle and figure things out in fintech & financial services. Most agencies run into silo problems, compliance issues, and high customer acquisition costs. But we’re not like most.

We don’t “also do fintech & financial services”—
it’s all we do.

You can follow in the footsteps of over 40 brands we’ve grown already. Our team of jungle warriors will back you up with a combined 90+ years of fintech expertise. You’ll get the marketing map to lead you safely along the right channels. We’ll sharpen your growth strategy, and together we’ll evade all the quicksand and shadowcats, and climb high above the chaos.

We’ve seen it all before. And now you can come and see it, too. We promise you, fintech looks much better from the treetops.

“We really value Growth Gorilla's expertise. They play a huge role in making sure we're always ahead of the curve.”

James Tesar, Brand and Marketing Manager, Wayhome


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“Having had a negative experience working with agencies in the past, we wanted to make sure that there was a focus on ROI. Growth Gorilla gave us that and helped us accelerate our customer acquisition rate 3X.”

Mike Dean, Co Founder, Whisper Claims

How we roll

We’re not for everyone

You know product-market fit matters. And in fintech, marketing is part of your product, so we only work with select clients. If we’re not a fit for you, we won’t hang around and waste anybody’s time.

We’re experimenters

The more you know, the faster you grow. We constantly test ideas and gather feedback with a data-centric attitude. The outcome? Intelligent, informed decisions that save everyone time, money, and frustrations.

We wait for nobody

You’ll soon learn we don’t shy away from anything. If we have an idea or spot a problem, don’t expect us to wait around for permission or switch off because it’s dark outside—we’re here to get sh*t done.

We’re problem solvers

You can’t hide from your problems. We help you face your fears in marketing to unlock new levels of growth. With us at your back, you can push forward to conquer all the challenges that drive you bananas.

Meet the troop

No juniors, no robots, no monkey business. Just a crack team of experts in fintech, financial services, marketing, and growth.


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