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We’re the fintech experts who help global fintechs go-to-market, grow, and master market entry. You stay flexible, slash acquisition costs, and stop worrying about what the hell to do next.

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We’ve led over 30 fintechs to the highest branches

Choose your adventure

You’ve got four paths through the jungle.

Sharpen Strategy

Get expert guidance

You won’t flounder in the fintech jungle—it’s our natural habitat. Our battle-hardened fintech experts are familiar with the nuances of fintech. We quickly get to grips with your vision, challenge your assumptions, and provide help in areas where you lack technical knowledge.

Scale Fast

Make growth easy

You don’t need a big agency that thinks it knows fintech. You need growth experts with a proven track record of showing fintechs how to hang with the 800-pound-gorillas in their space. We’ll develop your strategy and drive execution, so you can activate more users and scale faster.

Spend Smart

Reach the right customers

If you leave your user acquisition in the hands of amateurs who don’t know fintech nuances like us, your next customer might be the last you can afford. We constantly forage and feast on data to make sure you never spend wild money attracting new customers.

Save Time

Stay flexible and fearless

You shouldn’t waste time treading water. We’re a proactive bunch of problem-solvers who understand the changing needs of growing fintechs. We keep our ears to the ground and constantly take extra steps to lift you higher and keep you flexible—without you needing to push us.

You could pay peanuts, but then you’d get monkeys.

There are less expensive agencies.

There are also higher customer acquisition costs and ineffective growth strategies.

When you wanna make your funding count, you could place your hopes in a big agency that claims they can do everything. Or you could trust in a rare and powerful species—a growth agency that is dedicated solely to fintech.

With a combined 50+ years of fintech experience, our experts and proven strategies have transformed over 30 fintechs into fearless silverbacks. You won’t get fobbed off with muddy metric reports or vague talk about brand awareness—we actually put your disruptive proposition in the hands of your ideal users.

You’ll have our undivided attention during weekly video chats, and we’ll always be here to listen to your needs and ideas. As we continually advance your position in the fintech jungle, we’ll slash your acquisition costs and help you unite a tribe of loyal users.

“Knowing that I've got someone behind me, making sure that we're not spending stupid money acquiring leads is a really good thing. It really feels like they're part of our team at Wayhome.”

Cal Graham, Wayhome


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No. of Fintechs We've Grown

“I would recommend Growth Gorilla, not only because they have delivered great results but I really appreciate the relationship we have. They are 100% honest when it comes to goals and strategies. We trust each other and that's the key for me.”

Raul Sanchis Fortea, Marketing Manager, Vantage

They all laughed when they saw the size of our troop, but then we led them to the treetops.

Imagine you wander into the jungle alone. You’ve got money but no map. You’ve got tools but no time. You’ve got goals but no Gorillas.

We’ll know if you’ve got what it takes to make it to the highest branches. You’ll get brutal honesty about what works and what doesn’t. And don’t worry about wasted time or money—we only go into the wild with well-funded fintechs that we believe can become silverbacks.

You share your goals and vision, and we identify the positioning and channels that will make them a reality. When we create your strategy, it’s time to climb.

And don’t be scared to fall—you’ve got us to catch you.

Building a fintech is hard.

We make the growth part easy.

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