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Fire up your brand's user acquisition with data-driven paid campaigns, scroll-stopping influencer marketing and hard hitting performance creative.

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We’re the fintech-first growth agency focused on making user acquisition easy through data-driven paid media and impactful influencer marketing.

With data as our guide, we build and drive your user acquisition, seamlessly blending paid media, influencer marketing with UGC and performance creative. As we power your brand awareness and credibility, new users will roll in from all platforms, including Google Ads, TikTok, YouTube, Bing and Meta.

Whether you want to tackle uncharted territories or launch new products, your brand's future depends on new customers — and we know how to find them.

Ready to command attention and acquire more of your ideal users?

Strategy Development

After we get to know your challenges, goals, and ideal users, we lay the blueprint for powerful marketing campaigns rooted in rock-solid data.

Influencer Marketing

Dominate social feeds and bring more eyeballs to your brand with share-worthy content from our troop of trusted social media creators.

Paid Media

Attract the right users with hyper-focused paid search and social campaigns. We carefully manage your budget to only drive high-quality traffic to your app or site — helping you aquire a tribe of engaged users.

Performance Creative

Stand out with scroll-stopping ads and creative ideas across all major platforms. We study ads from 100+ competitors, source UGC from creators, and test relentlessly, you’re guaranteed to get noticed.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Turn silent visitors into active users and make your paid media budget go further. We audit every step in your funnel to help you convert more customers at a lower cost.

Growth Consultancy

We lead the charge on fintech growth, giving you hands-on tactical support and proven scaling strategies to conquer your market and captivate new users.

All fintechs have problems. We know how to solve them.

How We Helped GoTrade Lower CAC 5X Times In Just Four Months


Finally, an agency that knows fintech & financial services.

No more getting stuck in the mud — fintech and financial services are our natural habitat. We quickly get to grips with your vision and offer the technical knowledge and support you need to turn strategy into results.


Relentless testing. Unstoppable growth.

Our battle-hardened marketers focus on customer acquisition with a die-hard attitude to improving performance and conversion rates. Goodbye stagnant numbers, hello hockey stick growth.


Reach the right customers at the right cost.

In the wrong hands, user acquisition can bleed your budget dry. We feast on data to run influencer and paid campaigns that attract your ideal users — without letting money go to waste.

They’re going bananas about us

Knowing that I've got someone behind me, making sure that we're not spending stupid money acquiring leads is a really good thing. It really feels like they're part of our team at Wayhome.

Cal Graham


I would recommend Growth Gorilla, not only because they have delivered great results but I really appreciate the relationship we have. They are 100% honest when it comes to goals and strategies. We trust each other and that's the key for me.

Raul Sanchis Fortea

Vantage Markets

Growth Gorilla has been a key partner for us on our journey. They can adapt to the market conditions with us and have provided the flexibility we needed to scale up (and down) with the wild ride that is crypto. Beyond grateful to Shameer and the team for the work, insights, successes.

Andrew Rapsey


I really enjoy working with Growth Gorilla because they are very professional, flexible and friendly. In addition, it is like working with an extension of my team!

Federica Vincenzi

CRIF (Credit Passport)

We've truly found a reliable partner in Growth Gorilla. Their role surpasses that of an external digital marketing agency; they've seamlessly integrated into our team & invested time in understanding our brand intricacies. What stands out is their ability to adapt and launch new platforms that were previously unexplored by our team.

Lucia Colli


I have loved working with Growth Gorilla. The account teams are incredibly responsive, and most importantly the performance is excellent. The paid team has increased my consumer leads by over 2.5x since we started working with them! Thanks GG and Shameer!

Rachel Cohen

Bloom Finance

You could pay peanuts, but then you’d get monkeys.

There are less expensive agencies. There are also higher customer acquisition costs and ineffective growth strategies.

Other agencies can monkey around in our market. But an influencer-driven performance marketing agency that focuses only on fintechs is how you get the customers you want.

With a combined 50+ years of financial experience, our experts have helped grow over 40 fintechs into fearless silverbacks. You can join them in the treetops as we slash your acquisition costs and help you attract a tribe of loyal users.

Ready to take over the fintech jungle?

Start growing faster with the right customers.