How We Helped Wayhome Increase Sign-ups With Localised Targeting

Wayhome offers a revolutionary way for aspiring homeowners to get on the housing ladder without a mortgage.


Hyper-Specific Marketing Campaigns

Wayhome was eager to launch for the first time with a healthy waitlist lined up.

The company was looking to drive volume into the top of the funnel, test messaging to refine their products and establish a baseline for CAC. However, its main objective was to run large, ultra-specific marketing campaigns and finding a team of experts to support them was easier said than done.

Luckily, they came to us.


Multi-channel acquisition strategy and Google Ads

  • First, we segmented Wayhome’s search and social accounts by location and used radius targeting to adjust bidding based on user's proximity to target locations, which helped us: 

    a) Identify best-performing areas and adjust the budget accordingly
    b) Weigh the budget based on the volume of property available in each area
  • Armed with this data, we helped Wayhome create a multi-channel acquisition strategy to drive high-quality website traffic. Once we saw a significant increase in traffic, we tested messaging across Facebook and Google and launched Google Ads in 23 locations across the UK.
  • Our granular approach helped us target only relevant audiences, improve UX, and ensure the budget was spent effectively. 


Increased Sign Ups

After optimising Wayhome targeting strategy for maximum traffic and conversions, we launched Google Ads in 23 locations across the UK, which resulted in a significant increase in number of sign-ups.

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