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3 Tips to Creating Killer Fintech Social Content

3 Tips to Creating Killer Fintech Social Content

Social Media

Fintechs have to constantly compete for increasingly short consumer attention times, but one surefire way to standout is with interactive content – in fact 81% of marketers agree that interactive content is much more effective at grabbing the audience’s attention than static content. 

Have you ever seen an Instagram Story that asks a question, taken part in a Facebook poll or joined a Linked AMA (ask me anything) session? These are all types of interactive content that are designed to boost audience involvement and engagement. Here’s why you should add interactive content to your social media marketing mix. 

Entertain your audience

From short videos and memes to Candy Crush and Words With Friends, people expect social media and mobile apps to keep them entertained, and your fintechs online offering should be no different. Like Cleo’s humorous word search that challengers followers to unscramble the letters to discover where their money problems lie, and Starling Bank’s #12DaysOfChristmas competition, which gave people the opportunity to win prizes by answering questions. 

Inviting audiences to click, swipe and play is a great way to grab their attention and can increase your exposure as people are more likely to share posts they enjoyed interacting with. Don’t just stop there, by running competitions that ask contestants to tag friends and follow your social handles can be a great way of boosting your reach. It’s an inexpensive way to catapult your brand awareness through your social followers and one that we cannot recommend enough.  

Provide valuable insights

Interactive content such as polls and quizzes might just look like a bit of fun but are actually a great way to learn more about your audience. You could ask questions that are specific to your fintech (eg. What are your favourite features? How can we do better?) or that offer an insight into your followers’ spending and saving habits (eg. You get a bonus at work, what do you do with the money?). 

Open-ended questions are great if you want to receive a varied range of responses, while multiple choice questions can give an instant snapshot of your followers’ priorities and passions (eg. think of BuzzFeed style quizzes and ask: What kind of saver are you?) Going forward, you can use the insights you gain through polls and quizzes to shape your social media and overall content market strategy. It’s always good to listen to your followers and create a strategy that suits them rather than go with what you believe is best. You’ll be surprised at the results when you start to listen to your audience.

Top tip: Write comprehensive rules and T&Cs for any competitions that you run and ensure they are signed off by your legal team. Fintechs operate in a heavily regulated industry, so it’s essential you aren’t seen as misleading customers. 

Educate your followers

It’s not all fun and games, although if you combine entertainment with education then all the better. Interactive content is 93% effective at educating followers, compared to static content that’s just 70% effective, so say hello to explainer animated videos and how-to galleries. 

Take a look at how Moneybox communicates how a Lifetime ISA works and Revolut demonstrates new app updates – these fintechs’ visual-first approach is simple to understand and easy to consume while on the move. 

It’s important to educate your audience as a fintech, the industry can be confusing for your customers especially with brands using such overly complicated jargon. Try to make your educational content as easy to understand as possible and address your audience's main pain points and FAQ’s. This will not only help to establish trust in your product but will empower your audience to make informed decisions about their finances.

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