4 Tips to Inspire Trust Through Fintech Social Media Marketing

November 3, 2022

Social Media

In a world of fake news, online misinformation, and increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats, you need to ensure you cut through the clutter and stay authentic. Research has found 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding what brands they like, support and buy from. 

So is the ability to inspire trust, especially in fintech. Think about it: for a customer to share personal information, bank account details, and hard-earned savings, they need to feel confident in your product or service and know they are in safe hands. 

Let’s take a look at how you can use social media to demonstrate you:

  • Understand customer pain points and have solutions
  • Are experts in your field and have the know-how customers need
  • Share the same values as your customers and actively pursue them
  • Deliver consistently good customer experiences

#1. Offer support at every stage

If you know where to look, you can gather valuable insights into your target audience's needs and what your competitors are up to using the built-in analytics tools offered by social media platforms. 

But you don’t need to be a data expert to start scrolling through social media to identify customer pain points and come up with solutions. 

Monzo launched their simple 52 Weeks Saving Challenge in response to followers who expressed concerns that they couldn’t afford to save. The initiative, which encouraged people to commit to saving £1,378 in 2021 by putting aside a few pounds each week, earned Monzo lots of positive media attention. 

Not enough fintechs speak directly to their customers through social media. Showing that you know what their problems are and have a solution can positively impact your social engagement.

Pro tip: Make excellent customer service a central part of your social media activity. Constantly monitoring channels to answer questions quickly and openly helps build stronger relationships and positive brand perception. Make sure you have a dedicated Community Manager or Social Media Manager to stay on top of your social conversations.

#2. Establish yourself as a thought leader

It’s not enough to respond to questions; you have to demonstrate your support by sharing useful and relevant content. After all, nobody likes to be bombarded with marketing messages.

Take inspiration from B2B fintech Affirm, who did a great job interspersing promotional posts with thought leadership blogs shared on LinkedIn and newsletter. Such a mix is both solving issues while not overwhelming people with sales messages.

Pro tip: Find conversations worth joining by monitoring keywords and hashtags relevant to your fintech. See what people are talking about and identify where you can offer your expertise. It’ll take a while to get your finger on the pulse, but the rewards will be immense once you do.

#3. Stand up for what you believe in

By demonstrating a commitment to the issues that resonate with your target audience, you can connect with them on a deeper level. After all, 77% of consumers prefer to buy from companies that share their values. 

For example, Klarna’s Clothes Love All campaign promotes a more inclusive and diverse view of the fashion industry.

Pro tip: Do not just jump on any bandwagon your customers support. Authentic marketing is about being genuinely original. You need to choose a cause that resonates with your audience and matches your fintechs values.

#4. Share success stories 

Research reveals 76% of consumers are more likely to trust content shared by ‘normal’ people than content shared by brands. 

Encourage customers to rate and review products and services and share positive feedback on your channels to build trust. 

Pro tip: Talk about the steps you are taking to protect people’s data—does your app use end-to-end encryption or two-factor authentication. What steps are you taking to prevent hackers?

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