7 Takeaways From The Reinventing Finance Podcast You Shouldn't Miss

November 8, 2023


Shameer joined Tom van der Lubbe, Co-Founder of Viisi Mortgages, and Nikolaus Sühr, CEO and Co-Founder of KASKO, to discuss Fintech marketing challenges and ever-green growth advice.

Reinventing Finance is a thought-provoking, entertaining and critical podcast that reveals the challenges, opportunities and lessons of Insurance and Finance industry leaders. 

Here are eight topics they touched on:

  1. The biggest marketing challenges Fintechs deal with
  2. B2B target audience identification
  3. Targeting audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook
  4. Using TV and digital channels 
  5. Scaling marketing efforts
  6. Prioritising testing and analytics
  7. Growth marketing strategies based on data
  8. Ad spend and minimum marketing budget

Takeaway #1: What worked in the early days won't necessarily work as you grow

Once you start scaling your business, you've got bigger targets have a larger customer demand, and hence, the revenue you need to produce is bigger. Find ways to scale the business and bring in high-value customers at a competitive cost. 

Takeaway #2: Don't target everyone

A lot of times, we speak to younger brands that want to target everyone, which is the wrong approach. You need to be very clear on your audience from the start.

Takeaway #3: Get clear on your value proposition

Knowing what you put in front of your customers, what problem you are solving, and how it benefits people is key. Once you nail it down, you'll know how to get in front of them, what messaging to use and which channels work best. 

Takeaway #4: Use search ads when you don't need to educate your audience

If there's demand for your product or service, Google ads are your go-to strategy because they already know what your product is, and they're already searching for it. If you're looking to learn more about paid marketing, here's an in-depth introduction to paid search.

Takeaway #5: Test rigorously and consistently

Think about what are the biggest levers you're going to pull. For example, testing a new channel or a new audience is going to have a bigger impact than mucking around with a minor change on your landing page, like changing the call to action button from Apply Now to Apply Today. Start small and work your way up on the funnel.

Takeaway #6: Trusting your gut doesn't replace hard data

Ensure you've got your tracking and analytics set up properly — whether it's a product analytics tool or a mobile measurement tool, add Mixpanel or Heap to your tracking stack. If you can't see what's happening in your marketing, how can you make the right decisions?

Takeaway #7: You don't have to waste fortunes on ad spend

In the first stages, spending 10 to 20 grand a month on digital channels will give you a healthy starting point, depending on your target customer. 

We hope you find these helpful. If you like sharing, let us know which ones you can relate to in the comments below.

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