Marketing's Core: Customer Listening with Samantha de Groen

January 17, 2024

The FML Podcast

In the latest episode of The Fintech Marketers and Leaders podcast, Shameer Sachdev sat down with Samantha de Groen, Product Marketing Manager at Bunq.

Bunq is the second largest challenger bank in Europe on a mission to make life easy for digital nomads by giving them the tools to spend, budget, and invest like a local wherever they are. 

Samantha's role is to connect the dots between data research, user feedback,  Bunq's overall growth direction as a brand and how to communicate that to users. Listen to Samantha share her insights on the importance of customer listening, removing the taboo around money talks and the importance of brand consistency, among other things.

Join them as they cover topics such as:

👉Understanding customer wants and needs

👉The importance of having user personas 

👉Differentiating your brand from the competition

👉Talking about money and banking on social media

👉Creating a multi-channel playbook

👉Brand consistency

👉The challenges of entering new territories

👉Sustainability as a unique selling proposition

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