Top 4 CRM Best Practices to Help Your Fintech Drive Growth

November 3, 2022


You need a powerful, simple-to-use CRM strategy to strengthen communications, build customer relationships, and improve operational inefficiencies from start-up to scale-up. 

Growth Gorilla’s Head of CRM, Phil Ireland, runs through CRM marketing best practices to help your fintech get to the next level of growth. 

Let’s dive in.  

Rule #1: Consistency is key

All of your marketing assets should be recognisable at a glance. Everything should be consistent from your website to your social media channels, and your CRM activity is no different. 

You look at Monzo’s billboards and compare them to their emails; they have the same feel. 

Your branding, tone of voice and overall look and feel need to be applied consistently everywhere. Different departments need to collaborate to ensure your email assets mirror every other user touchpoint. Try having daily or weekly stand-ups where all relevant departments can collaborate to stay consistent.

Rule #2: Collect and keep data up to date 

When people are signing up for your platform or product, the early stages, are vital for gathering information. “When building your landing page or sign-up form, think about exactly what fields you need to include because it's always easier to get information upfront than later,” says Phil. 

However, you can always run an email campaign asking users to fill in the gaps so that you can provide the best possible service. You will be surprised at how much information your customers will share with you if you ask nicely.

Remember, keep your data clean by constantly reviewing it, removing duplicates and ensuring you have detailed segments of customers at different stages of their journey. 

Rule #3: Stay compliant 

GDPR and various data protection measures mean all CRM activity needs to meet specific compliance requirements. If your contacts have consented to receive emails from your company—usually via double opt-in—they can quickly opt-out of future communications. 

Rule #4: Be relevant

Salesforce found out that 84% of customers say a company's experience is as important as its products or services. Your fintech’s ability to send relevant emails has never been more important. 

“You could have the best-looking email if you’re content is bullshit”, says Phil.

The answer is to get to know your audience and tailor your communications to each segment. Similarly, it doesn't matter whether you send one email a week or 50; they'll open, click, and stay subscribed if it's relevant.

“Check what’s working and not working by carrying out regular testing. Test subject lines, the content, the call to action buttons or the time of day you send your email,” adds Phil. It’s not enough to create and automate emails but to use customer insights.

Create growth with your CRM marketing

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