How to run fintech PR activity like a pro, with Chantal Swainston, Fintech PR Consultant & Founder of The Heard

March 4, 2024

The FML Podcast

Chantal Swainston is an independent Fintech PR consultant and Founder of The Heard—an award-winning spokesperson index for women and non-binary people in Fintech who want to get into public speaking.

From introducing brands to new regions, launching new products in open banking and investments, and tackling corporate issues and reputational crises, Chantal has over a decade of PR experience. She has worked with brands like American Express, eBay, LinkedIn, and Klarna.

Previously, Wise’s Senior PR Manager, Chantal, worked closely with investor relations, finance, and government relations teams, supporting the UK communications strategy for Wise's listing on the LSE.

In 2023, The Heard won the industry’s Diversity & Inclusion Champion Of The Year, an excellent recognition for profiling and showcasing women and non-binary talent in the fintech industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • The role of PR in fintech marketing 
  • When should a FinTech brand start thinking about PR
  • How to create a compelling narrative about your brand 
  • The perfect mix of running PR activity 
  • The role of b2b influencers in your PR strategy
  • Do you need to work with a brand spokesperson?
  • The impact of PR in crisis management
  • The impact of PR on your bottom line

💡Chantal says:

“You should be thinking about PR as early as possible because your reputation is a long game.”

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