Improving Customer Experience With Jonathan Nyst, CMO at Monizze

January 16, 2024

The FML Podcast

Growing up Jonathan never wanted to be a marketer… but after being offered an internship in his early career Jonathan found enjoyment in the creative side of marketing. His naivety about balancing his finances led him to the fintech industry.

After making the move from B2C to B2C, Jonathan now heads up Monizze’s marketing department as their Cheif Marketing Officer, bringing his wealth of experience to the table to help Monizze achieve their growth goals.

Monizze helps B2Bs provide extra-legal advantages to their employees through gift vouchers, giving them more purchasing power. The FinTech has revolutionised the old paper vouchers into a fast, win-win digital solution for SMEs and their employees.

In this episode, our host, Shameer Sachdev sat down with Jonathan to dive into:

They cover:

👉 Navigating the B2B space

👉 Understanding your customer

👉 Incentivizing partners to get more business

👉 Measuring customer satisfaction 

👉 The importance of competitor analysis 

👉 Building a challenger brand

👉 Influencer marketing as a technique for growth

👉 Using word of mouth to drive growth 

👉 Getting in front of your audience

👉 Segmenting audiences

👉 Aligning product and marketing internally

👉 What it means to be a good manager

And much more…

If you’re interested in marketing strategies to grow your fintech startup or just want some insight into the best growth practices, tune in to this episode of The FML Podcast.

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