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The 4 Benefits of Using Automation for Your Fintech

The 4 Benefits of Using Automation for Your Fintech


One of the main benefits of using a CRM platform? The ability to automate communications and campaigns, which ultimately benefits your entire fintech. “CRM isn’t just a marketing tool, it's a tool for all departments,” says Phil Ireland, our Head of CRM. “Automation can streamline workflows and enhance productivity, and this benefits not only marketing teams but also sales and customer service departments. That’s why it’s so important to avoid working in silos, as the best results occur when all business functions have a level of understanding and agreement about how CRM can help them achieve their objectives as well as the business’s overarching goals.” 

Here are the 4 key benefits you’re likely to see if you implement automation into your fintech’s CRM marketing strategy: 

Manage contacts and track customer journeys with ease 

Think of your CRM platform as a database that you can use to store vital contact information and create detailed customer profiles using email open rates, web behaviour and responses. You can use your CRM platform to track your customers across various communication channels, gain insights and deliver timely (automated) messages depending on their actions and behaviours. 

Consistent communication is key

From setting up auto-responses to scheduling customised messages aimed at a particular audience segment, automating emails can save significant time and effort. If you’re worried about losing a personal touch, there are so many ways to incorporate human elements into your automation sequences and messages. 

It’s not just email, it stretched further than that. Don’t forget you can automate SMS messages and push notifications to add an extra ‘always-on’ element and ultimately improve your customers' experience. Customers want to feel like they have access to customer service whenever they need it so this is a very easy way to make sure you deliver that message to them.

Build and maintain customer relationships

Having access to all of this in depth customer data allows you to really personalise your interactions and deliver more valuable communications to both your new and existing customers. It’s all well and good speaking to your customers but if you don’t know who you’re talking to there’s really no point. With automation you’re able to create sequences and workflows that are bespoke to specifically to certain segments of your database.

Automation can also improve your customer’s experience, for example, through automated responses and AI-powered chatbots. This is something that’s of real value considering 18% of social media users worldwide expect brands to respond to their complaints or questions immediately and 28% want to be answered within an hour. Incorporating automation into your strategy can help your customers feel like there is someone always there to speak to no matter what time of day it is.

Create reports and measure success

Gone are the days where you have to manually search for and compile all of your customer data. With a good CRM platform you’re able to pull any metrics you need from your dashboards and data storage. Whether you need to generate high-level or granular snapshots, automatically share reports with team members or analyse statistics to better understand campaign performance and customer behaviours, CRM platforms have got your back. Depending on your chosen platform, your dashboard should be able to fit your needs specifically, configure yours to display the information needed to track your fintech’s KPIs and find out how you’re performing at a glance. 

Create growth with your CRM marketing.

At Growth Gorilla, we’re experts at launching killer CRM marketing campaigns that help you grow. That's why we don't call ourselves an agency. We're a growth machine, and we want to help you leverage that power for greater success. So talk to us. Let us know about your email marketing needs and see how we can help. Visit our website and schedule a call.

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