4 Reasons Why Your Fintech Needs A CRM Platform ASAP

November 3, 2022


The main benefit of using a CRM platform is to automate your fintech’s entire communications and campaigns. 

“CRM isn’t just a marketing tool; it's a tool for all departments,” says Phil Ireland, Growth Gorilla’s Head of CRM. 

Automation can streamline workflows and enhance productivity, speeding growth from marketing to sales and customer service departments. 

Here are four key benefits of using a CRM platform to automate your fintech’s marketing strategy: 

Benefit #1: Manage contacts and track customer journeys with ease

Think of your CRM platform as a database you can use to store vital contact information and create detailed customer profiles based on email open rates, web behaviour and responses. 

You can use your CRM platform to track your customers across various communication channels, gain insights and deliver timely (automated) messages depending on their actions and behaviours. 

Benefit #2: Stay human and save time

Automating emails can save significant time and effort, from setting up auto-responses to scheduling customised messages. If you’re worried about losing a personal touch, there are many ways to incorporate human elements into your automation sequences and messages. 

Don’t forget you can automate SMS messages and push notifications to add an extra ‘always-on’ element and ultimately improve your customers' experience. Customers want to feel like they have access to support whenever needed, and automation helps you deliver that message to them.

Benefit #3: Build and maintain customer relationships

‍A  CRM gives you access to in-depth customer data, allowing you to personalise your interactions and deliver more valuable info to your customers. With automation, you can create sequences and workflows that are bespoke specifically to specific segments of your database.

‍Automation can also improve your customer’s experience using automated responses and AI-powered chatbots. Research shows that 79% of customers expect a response to their social media posts within 24 hours, and automation makes your customers feel like someone is always there for them.

Benefit #4: Create reports and measure success

With a good CRM platform, you can pull any metrics you need from your dashboards and data storage. Whether you need to generate high-level or granular snapshots, automatically share reports with team members or analyse statistics to understand campaign performance and customer behaviours better, CRM platforms have got your back. 

Configure your dashboard to display the information you need to track depending on your fintech’s KPIs and find out how you’re performing at a glance. 

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