Top Tips to Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing

January 16, 2024


On 13th June, we were joined by some of the industry’s best and brightest to explore the potential of Digital PR and Influencer Marketing for Financial brands. 

Our engaging panel discussion featured our Head of Influencer Marketing & Creative Strategy: Julia Lucas, MD & Founder, Shameer Sachdev and CEO at JBH, Jane Hunt who shared their expertise strategies, and success stories in fintech. 

Didn’t manage to join us? Here’s a quick rundown of the takeaways you simply can’t miss…

1) Go beyond the traditional influencer playbook: 

Say goodbye to those tired brand partnerships with influencers that solely focus on products and services. Shift your perspective and connect with your audience by showcasing what your brand truly stands for. Let them dive deep into your ethos and relate to your purpose. That's where the real magic happens! ✨

2) Prioritise building your organic social empire: Imagine this: your influencer campaigns seamlessly blend into your social media landscape, creating a captivating brand experience. How do you make that happen? By nailing your organic socials! It's like building the perfect foundation for your influencer collaborations. When your leads land on your page, they'll feel an instant connection and authenticity. Talk about leaving a lasting impression! 

3) Overcome those unique challenges: We get it—fintech is a different ball game altogether. With intangible products, you need to sell more than just a thingamajig. It's about selling an idea, a lifestyle, and a way of living. Show your audience what they've been missing out on and how your fintech can revolutionise their world. Get creative, think outside the box, and embrace your fintech uniqueness.

4) Seize the influencer marketing goldmine: We've got a little secret to share with you— When it comes to influencer marketing Fintech has tremendous untapped potential. By embracing this powerful strategy now, you can stand out from the competition and tap into new avenues of growth. Not many fintechs are taking the leap into influencer so now is the time to take yours…

5) Craft your social brand masterpiece: To avoid getting lost in the influencer landscape, create a strong social brand identity that sets you apart. Define your purpose, communicate your values, and find influencers who align with your vision and embody your brand. Together, you'll create an unstoppable brand image that captivates your audience and amplifies the impact of your campaigns!

6) Unleash the power of UGC: User-Generated Content (UGC) is the name of the game. It's all about authenticity and real experiences that resonate with your audience. Tap into the incredible power of UGC to build trust, engage your audience, and strengthen your brand's social presence.

Want to find out more about using Influencer Marketing to amplify your fintech’s voice? Download our latest guide.

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