The Complete Guide To Creating An Awesome Product Launch Strategy

November 3, 2022


Before you can launch your proposition, you'll need this component — an awesome digital marketing strategy. If you've read the previous article, you know all about creating a go-to-market strategy.

We’ve put together some tips on how to get your proposition in front of your target audience and launch your product, without any turbulence. 

How to Get Started with a Digital Marketing Strategy

First impressions matter. When you go to market that first impression often happens online. A potential customer Googles your fintech or browses social media and comes across your fintech. To convert those impressions into loyal customers, you’ll need to find your unique selling point(USP), understand your audience ecosystem, and build lasting relationships that go further than  the point of sale.

Find Your Unique Selling Point

By this point, you should already know what makes your brand and company unique. Now , your biggest challenge is matching your unique selling proposition with a core audience need.

How can you do that? Answer the questions your audience is asking. Find their pain points, and create the solution to their most pressing problem. 

With the overcrowded nature of the fintech industry, you might not be the only one offering your product or service in the market, so create real actionable value for your customers. Give your customers a reason to keep coming back for more. Whether it’s great customer service, stand-alone UX or rewarding incentives, you’ll see an increase in customers the more your express your USP. 

Understand Your Tribe

Now you have your USP you need to make sure your voice is heard. Your customers will have unique online behaviours, patterns and habits. Identify these and position yourself in the right place, at the right time.

 Start by finding their preferred platforms. This can vary depending on age, gender, and educational background, and can be anything from Facebook to Pinterest.

Find the platform your tribe uses, then integrate yourself within that community. Don't limit yourself to one platform. Today’s customers are diving into multiple social platforms that can range from TikTok to Youtube at any given minute..Build your presence on multiple platforms. Instead of a separate strategy for each, Fintechs who use cross-channel or omnichannel approaches perform best. A cross-channel approach stretches across platforms to create a unified, integrated campaign that supports customers across the entire sales journey.

Within and across each channel, build a multi-layered strategy. Your strategy might include organic content designed to drive engagement through educational articles. Or, alternatively, paid digital marketing puts you front and centre. And, of course, you can use a healthy mix of both to maximise your opportunities.
Whether it’s organic or paid, look to connect your strategy back to your website. Create valuable, educational content pieces to draw your audience in; like whitepapers, webinars, or blog posts. 

Define Your Micro-Moments

Your audience’s journey is much more fragmented than you think. To achieve engagement, you need to understand your audience's most common questions and the moments they ask them. 

Once you understand these questions, you can serve your audience the right content at the right moment. That's called a micro-moment, and it's an opportunity for you to leverage a high degree of intent. Get it right, and your return on investment will be significant.

Launch & Post Launch


We’re getting close to being ready to launch. The next step is to create a clear set of specific goals and KPI’s, alongside the tools needed to achieve them…

Set KPIs

Think of your KPI’s like the North Star of your launch strategy. They are ctreated to guide every marketing decision you make, both for the initial product launch and long after. In order to grow, and keep growing, your fintech, you need to know how to measure success. Ask yourself these simple questions:
What do you want to achieve from your campaign?
What does success look like?
What deadlines are you working towards??
Then, create specific KPIs such as:

  • X visits to your website, particularly to those magnet pages.
  • X engagement on your digital efforts as a way to show positive engagement.
  • X amount of leads in your database.
  • X% open rate and Y% click-through rate for your emails.
  • X amount of sales over Y period.

These are just some of the most common KPIs fintech use at the product launch stage, your KPI’s are likely to look different. Select KPIs that meet your unique objectives, use them to define success, and then find time and number-based metrics to help you reach that goal.

Identify Your Tool Kit

As a marketer, you have an almost endless supply of tools designed to help you launch your product. Test multiple platforms and tech to find one that matches your needs and helps you automate as many of your tasks as possible.

A comprehensive platform like HubSpot helps you to manage your social media, landing pages, lead generation, email, and lead nurturing campaigns all in one easy-to-use platform. Tools like MailChimp can streamline your email marketing efforts, and try Unbounce for an easy, user-friendly way to build your landing pages. These tools can help you dig into the details and optimise your launch at the click of a button.

Encourage Customers Along the Sales Funnel

At the time of brand launch, it's only natural to put focus on brand awareness.

But to build a strategy that sustains your fintechs plans for long-term growth, you'll need to consider the entire sales funnel.

Think of your sales funnel as a fluid concept, meant to illustrate how someone who’s never heard of your brand slowly turns into a loyal customer. You may already understand how easy it can be to attract a large number of prospects, and how difficult it can be to convert them into paying customers. At each stage, from consideration to decision, some are likely to drop out of the process, leading to that funnel descriptor. The best product launch strategies support customers across the entire sales journey.

To do this you need to identify where in the funnel your current customers are, which can be tricky. Many tech platforms can help you do this, like HubSpot, which provides reports to help you identify your CRM contact's location in the funnel.

Really it comes down to the content they're interested in. For example, a customer at the early awareness stage is likely to be interested in industry content, more general pieces as they don't know much about your company yet but are willing to listen to your expertise. 

However, at the consideration stage, their need for educational content focuses more on comparison; how do you compare to competitors? What’s your USP? How can you help them to solve their problem? Finally, the decision stage puts practical questions like pricing, contracts, and long-term partnerships into the foreground.

Launch Your Product with Growth Gorilla

Yes, it's complicated. No, that doesn't have to mean launching your product and brand is daunting or even impossible. You just need to know where to start. And if this guide isn't enough to set you on your path, work with us to make it happen.

You can follow in the footsteps of over 30 fintechs we’ve grown already. Our 11 jungle warriors will back you up with a combined 90+ years of fintech expertise. You’ll get the marketing map to lead you safely along the right channels. We’ll sharpen your growth strategy, and together we’ll evade all the quicksand and shadowcats, and climb high above the chaos. 

We’ve seen it all before. And now you can come and see it, too. We promise you, fintech looks much better from the treetops.

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