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How to Connect with Fintech Audiences on Social

How to Connect with Fintech Audiences on Social

Social Media

We always like to get straight to the point and, when talking to customers on social media, we suggest you do the same. 

Put simply: people don’t want to interact with a faceless organisation, they want to see a human element. In this blog, we look at how you can use social media to showcase your fintech’s personality, give followers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and make them feel part of a community. 

Strike the right tone 

You’ve built your fintech’s reputation on offering a modern and dynamic alternative to traditional financial institutions, so bring this point of difference to your brand identity. Having an instantly recognisable look – like the hot-pink pops of colour that populate Lemonade’s Instagram feed – can boost brand recognition and consumer loyalty. But it’s not just about how your fintech looks, it’s about how your fintech sounds. 

We know you take people’s money seriously, but that doesn’t mean content about pensions, ISAs and budgets has to be serious. Cutting out the technical jargon and infusing your posts with personality will instantly humanise your fintech. To ensure every communication is consistent, successful fintechs compile comprehensive tone of voice (ToV) documents that outline their values, personality and style of engaging with followers: for Transferwise, words have to be conversational, engaging and frank; while Monzo pledges to “use the language our audience uses, and make technical stuff as clear as we can”. 

Top tip: Take to social media to acknowledge when things go wrong – not only does admitting to a problem help humanise your brand, this kind of transparency can ultimately build trust. 

Want to know how else you can inspire trust in your customers through social media marketing? Read our blog.

Showcase company culture 

People respond to stories about people, so use social media to shine a spotlight on the team that makes your fintech tick. Brands are increasingly sharing #behindthescenes videos and images in order to build transparency and authenticity, and – when it comes to conveying your fintech’s knowledge, experience and personal approach to financial advice – this kind of employee advocacy is a big selling point. 

Recent research shows that people trust posts from a company technical expert (68%) or an employee (54%) more than they do from a CEO (47%), so take a leaf out of Monzo’s book and repost employees’ work-related updates – like this tweet from ‘Monzoaut’ Dan Hughes inviting followers to join his Q&A on the community forum

Openly talking about your fintech’s company culture and treating employees as brand ambassadors is also a great way of showing off your values to job seekers and can therefore aid your recruitment efforts. This is something that’s especially important in light of research that reveals 65% of people would not consider working in the financial services industry because they think finance is boring. It’s up to you to change their minds. 

Build a community  

This one might be the most important out of them all. The strongest social media marketing strategies seek to ignite conversations and build communities, so look for opportunities to engage with your followers whenever possible and invite them to share their experiences and interactions with your products and services. 

Research reveals that consumers are twice as likely to share user-generated content (UGC), so invite people to tag you in their posts and use campaign-specific hashtags in order to be featured. For example, take a look at this tweet shared by CashApp, in which a follower expresses their excitement at receiving a CashApp x 100 Tribes debit card.

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