How We Helped VitraCash Build a Waitlist of 4.2K
Engaged Users


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Beta Testing Opt-ins

VitraCash is a fintech solution that lets you trade in your wallet full of cards for one smart card that combines all of them, so you can make your wallet lighter and pay with peace of mind.


Building an Engaged Waitlist to Launch the VitraCash App

When VitraCash came to us, they knew they wanted to launch their app but had no waitlist or communications in place.

The company was in a deep need to drive viral hype, increase publicity and keep its audience engaged before the beta testing phase and the official VitraCard launch.

That’s where we came in.


Pre-Launch Welcome Series 

With VitraCash, we had to start from the very bottom—we first had our paid media team build the pre-launch waitlist. Then, on the CRM side, here's what we did:

  • First, we mapped out the customer journey to help us visualise how users experience the VitraCash app.
  • Armed with this data, we built a campaign consisting of a series of emails to keep waitlist users engaged and hyped about the launch of the new VitraCash app.
  • Next step was creating another series of emails to encourage users to become beta testers and help with building the app, flagging errors and developing new features.
  • In the process, we conducted customer research to learn more about users' spending profiles and spending behaviour to improve customer experience. Also, we created and sent a customer survey to get people to opt-in and receive SMS from VitraCash—a great way to open another communication channel with your customers.
  • Lastly, Growth Gorilla's creative team came up with the email designs, following the VitraCash brand guidelines and staying consistent.


4.2K Engaged Waitlist Users 

VitraCash needed an audience to work with while building their product—an engaged one they could turn into loyal customers after launching the app.

Growth Gorilla helped VitraCash build a waitlist of 4.2 K engaged users ready to beta test the app and start using the products.

The pre-launch email campaign was a success, with an average click-through rate of 13%, showing that VitraCash users found the emails we created helpful and relevant.

Growth Gorilla not only helped VitraCash create a multi-channel approach (social, email, SMS) but also helped them get 357 beta testing opt-ins to contribute to improving the app.  

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