How We Reduced Wayhome’s CPA By 50%
In Less Than 4 Weeks

Wayhome offers a revolutionary way for aspiring homeowners to get on the housing ladder without a mortgage.


Expand and reach new audience

Wayhome was looking to target a new audience based on religious beliefs—which is always easier said than done. 

Luckily, Wayhome's unique offering is Shariah-compliant. The challenge was to find a way to mass target those who identify with Islam effectively and at scale.

Inclusive product offering means they are able to offer something different to traditional home ownership schemes - sharia complaints home finance. Their challenge was to find imagery and designs for their ads that resonated and represented their target audience from the islamic community.

That's where we came in.


Multi-channel acquisition strategy and Facebook campaign

  • First, we did our research on the interests and behaviours of the Islamic Community.
  • Armed with this data, we built our first Facebook campaign to reach out to audiences who share common TV channels, Islamic competitor banks and Islamic religious holidays. 
  • While we started seeing healthy results, we were aiming for higher conversions, so we used Facebook Lookalike to better segment and target Shariah audiences with relevant messaging. So we created a landing page and sent all Shariah traffic from all platforms to it.


Reduced CPA by 50%

After only 4 weeks after launching Wayhome's Facebook Lookalike campaign, the overall CPA dropped by 50%. In areas such as Berkshire, UK, we saw a CPA reduction of 69%. 

Thanks to Growth Gorilla's expertise, Wayhome was able to cast a wider net and provide an under-served population with a better way to get on the property ladder.

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