How We Helped Wayhome Automate CRM Activity & Increase Conversion Rate by 10%


Improved Open Rate


Improved Click-Through-Rate


Improved Conversion Rate

“We really value Growth Gorilla’s expertise. They play a huge role in making sure we’re always ahead of the curve.”

James Tesar,
Brand and Marketing Manager, Wayhome

Wayhome offers a revolutionary way for aspiring homeowners to get on the housing ladder without a mortgage.


Time Consuming Customer Communication

Wayhome was dealing with the pain of manually nudging leads to the sweet spot of their customer journey—doing house viewings.

The company sent out several emails to 3 audiences, based on where they are in the funnel: from first contact to people who ultimately buy a home. James and his team at Wayhome needed a more efficient way to take users through the funnel and ultimately get them to make an offer on a home.

That’s where we came in.

Before GG, we didn't have much automation in place to take users along the funnel. Most emails took time and effort to send.


3x Automated and Optimised Customer Journeys 

  • First, we identified all the stages of Wayhome's customer journey including customer drop-off points by reviewing the expected user goals and understanding user intent.
  • Armed with this data and guided by Growth Gorilla's 3 Pillar Strategy, we created automated email campaigns that move users through the funnel, making sure they complete each step of the home buying process—while staying educated and engaged. 
  • Using marketing automation and a multi-channel approach (email, chat bot, SMS), we ensured Wayhome has the optimal path that gets users to their end goal with as little friction as possible.
  • Lastly, Growth Gorilla put together an ongoing robust testing strategy to optimise each journey and improve performance metrics. 

Having Growth Gorilla's support on the CRM side frees up a lot of our time because we don't rely on manual email activities anymore.


Increased Conversion Rate by 10% 

After partnering with Growth Gorilla, Wayhome streamlined its credit check customer journey, resulting in a 10% increase in the number of users completing credit checks—a mandatory step to start viewing homes. 

The level of automation Growth Gorilla provides makes Wayhome's CRM activity more transparent, which, in turn, optimized the company's marketing funnel.

Efficiency is key for a brand like Wayhome. Thanks to Growth Gorilla, James has freed up time he and his team can spend on growing the business.

We're a startup with very ambitious growth plans. We don't have the luxury of hiring lots of people, so Growth Gorilla is an extension to our team, which means I can focus on other

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