How We Helped Change Invest Expand Into 25 New Territories


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Change Invest is a leading crypto trading app that enables anyone to access smart investments, anywhere.


Build Brand Awareness Across Europe

Change Invest relied on traffic from two markets—Estonia and Lithuania—and was ready to branch out and expand its reach. 

However, the company saw low volumes from other target markets and needed to drive conversion from other territories to build brand awareness across Europe.

That’s where we came in.


Blended CPA to Expand to Other Markets 

  • First, we looked at the highest ROI platforms alongside the best-performing locations.
  • Armed with this data, we pushed a core group of campaigns to Germany, Spain and Italy.
  • By working with a blended CPA target, we used the profits from the healthy markets to support us in expanding to other markets.

Soon, we saw a healthy increase in conversion rates and brand recognition, which allowed us to open up to more territories with more ad spending. 

  • Using a ‘slow and steady' technique, we focused on optimising campaigns for the lower-performance markets, increasing their conversions over time while adding more territories to our list.


Expanded Into 25 New Territories 

After partnering with Growth Gorilla, Change Invest is running campaigns in 25 markets across Europe.

Thanks to working with us, the company reduced its CPA and saw a healthy increase in conversion rates and brand recognition. 

Change Invest has also increased the number of subscribers in Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Portugal.

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