How We Helped Change Invest Increase Conversions by 199%


Increase In Conversions


More App Installs


More Sign Ups


Poor channel strategy, low traffic and conversions

Change Invest came to us with a marketing strategy based on platforms exclusively aimed at advertising crypto solutions that charge on a CPM basis—which hasn't been successful. 

It didn't just lack the right channel strategy, but for an app, it was heavily reliant on web based journeys.

As a result, the company was dealing with poor conversion rates, lack of visibility on banner placement and low traffic.

That’s where we came in.


Streamline user journey, optimise channel strategy, roll out new campaigns

  • First, we identified all the stages of Change Invest's customer journey, which helped us understand user intent and friction points. 

In doing so, we streamlined the user experience by removing unnecessary steps.

  • Armed with this data, we created unique landing pages to simplify the user experience. 

1. For desktop, we added a fully trackable QR code that takes users to the app store faster and easier;

2. For mobile, we created a dynamic landing page that switches from the QR code to an App Store link, which improved UX and increased conversions.

  • With the right user journey, we scrapped the underperforming platforms and shifted to established ones for better visibility and traffic.
  • We switched Apple Search ad campaigns to advanced, rebuilt campaigns from the ground, removed generic keyword bidding and got granular about the target audience.
  • Lastly, we built and launched an app install campaign, updating messaging and re-positioning Change Invest as a leading crypto platform—a real success.


Improved conversion rate by 199% in less than six months

Thanks to choosing new platforms, rolling out new Apple Search Ads and building new landing pages, Change Invest's UX improved, which increased user engagement, reach and traffic.

We launched the app install campaign in November 2020 and by January 2021, the app got 12x more clicks, 40x more installs and 80x more sign-ups.

After partnering with Growth Gorilla, Change Invest had a streamlined user journey and a marketing strategy optimised for conversion. The company improved its conversion rate by 199% in less than six months.

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