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How We Increased Change Invest’s Conversions by 199%

The Client

Change Invest is a leading crypto trading app that enables anyone, anywhere to have access to smart investments. They were founded in 2016 with the mission to empower anyone to be an investor. They believe in an open and inclusive future of finance and focus on providing that offering to their customers.

The Challenge:

As a crypto platform, Change Invest is subject to restrictions when advertising on traditional platforms. When they first approached us with this project they were using a number of platforms exclusively aimed at advertising crypto solutions. 

These advertising platforms do generate traffic volume but often aren’t able to achieve the same results as the larger, more established advertising platforms in terms of CPA & ROI. Besides the platform’s reach, they also come with a range of other challenges.

For example, the majority of these platforms are programmatic display based, so they charge on a CPM basis. This often leads to 3 outcomes that as growth marketers, we absolutely despise:Poor placement quality and visibility, leading to poor quality trafficHeavy reliance on maintaining a high CTR to achieve CPA/ROIA propensity for ad fraud

In addition to a refreshed channel strategy, Change needed assistance in building a streamlined user journey optimised for conversions. They were heavily reliant on web-based journeys and as an app, having a web-based journey was not the right approach to successfully convert. 

Change needed 3 things from us:
1 - To help them level their CPA and increase conversions
2 - Optimise their advertising platforms and messaging
3 - Streamline their user journey

The Solution:

We started with Change’s user journey and created unique landing pages for their brand. These landing pages gave us the ability and flexibility to edit the requirements for users to entry points to their journey.

We implemented some quick fixes such as removing the need to enter a mobile number or email address and then we took to optimising the journey for 2 different entry points as follows:

1 - For desktop: We added a QR code scanning function allowing users to be taken to the app store very quickly and easily. An advantage of this process was that it’s also fully trackable, unlike the previous journeys used.

2 - For mobile: We created a dynamic landing page that switched from the QR code to an App Store or Google Play link. For some platforms we drove users straight into the app store, removing the need for landing pages entirely. Not only did this make the UX easier for the users, it was fully trackable and increased conversions significantly (but we’ll get into that later).

With the user journey now firmly in place we took to optimising platforms. We scrapped all the platforms that were currently in place as they weren’t driving the volume and traffic that we wanted to see and started from scratch.

We built and launched an app install campaign that has now become a staple of Change Invest’s performance marketing strategy. To minimise the restrictions when advertising Crypto platforms on Google and Apple Search ads, we positioned Change Invest as a CFD platform. Unfortunately, not all crypto platforms will have this element so this isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, however with Change Invest we were able to change the name of their app in the App Store to a ‘beginner friendly investing app’ as well as removing the term “crypto” entirely from their ad vocabulary.

This flowed through all aspects of their ads from copy to banners, we made sure to prioritise phrasing such as “Trade CFDs” rather than “Trade Cryptos” and took to Apple Search Ads with their updated messaging and upgraded their campaigns from basic to advanced. 

What’s the difference between them?
Basic: With basic Apple Search Ads you’re able to link your app with Search Ads and create ultra basic campaigns. You enter your target cost per install and budget into the platform and off it goes to do it’s thing. However it’s extremely restrictive and if you want control or the ability to optimise your campaigns, basic is not the one for you.

Advanced: Unlike basic, advanced gives you the power to use specific keyword bidding and build in-depth ad campaigns that will give you a much better ROI on your CPA. It’s a much better way to create effective campaigns that actually convert.

Switching their entire Apple Search ad campaigns to advanced and rebuilding their campaigns from the ground up meant we were able to be hyper-specific.

We optimised the generic keyword list, getting really granular over the structure and made sure to build local language keywords campaigns to make sure no stone was left unturned. This entire process made it possible for us to have full control over Change’s campaigns and keywords.

We also built Google App Install campaigns from the ground up, starting with their best performing territories. Over time we built the campaigns out to incorporate more territories until we hit 25 active markets, driving significant volume at a lower blended CPA than any of the previously active platforms.

We have since launched search campaigns and are now looking to scale social activity including Twitter and Facebook.


Since we first launched the Google App Install campaigns for Change in 2020 we have observed:
- 13.9x as many clicks in January as we did in December
- 42x as many installs
- 87x the number of sign ups.

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