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How We Increased Minted’s Landing Page Conversions by 75%
The Client

Minted is a digital platform making the buying of physical gold simple, secure and affordable for everyone. Through a market-leading app and technology platform, their customers are able to buy, sell, transfer, or have gold delivered in a matter of clicks - safe in the knowledge that their investment is securely stored and fully insured.

They have a brilliant product but they need help in converting visitors into customers on their landing page. So where do we come in?

The Challenge

Minted didn’t come to us for this one, we came to them... 

We noticed that their homepage wasn’t delivering the number of conversions that we would expect running alongside their other activities. At this point we had pushed their paid activity live and set a target number of conversions for £30 CPA and when the campaign went live the CPA was closer to £300.

This simply wouldn’t do, so we built a new funnel based on the first few weeks of data. We looked at everything, from impressions and CTRs on CTAs to sign-ups and purchases. From our research, we were able to see the conversion rate on the landing page CTA was extremely low and only hit around 5% conversion. It was obvious to us that the landing page needed a refresh.

The Solution

There’s one thing we cannot stand and that’s poorly converting landing pages. So our experts put their minds together and created a landing that set out to convert Minted’s visitors into customers.

We created a new landing page from scratch and added the following features:

1. Added an additional centre CTA alongside the H1.
2. Removed the initial animation and scroll lock from the page as it often caused users to become impatient and leave the page early.
3. Added relevant imagery of the platform to give users an idea of the product offering before converting
4. Reordered all of the content to create more of a story and natural flow for the users.
5. Added vital information such as fees, FAQs, product information, USPs, and social proof such as customer reviews from Trustpilot.
6. Removed the top navigation bar so that users focussed on what they needed to do rather than exploring the site.

The Results

As expected we saw a huge increase in landing page CTRs, and pretty quickly too.

To give you an idea of the effect this had, before the landing page revamp the CTR on Minted’s CTAs were around 4% with an average of 650 clicks and around 3 accounts being created per month. 

After we implemented our changes, within one week our results were over 5% higher. Since then we have seen consistent results of a 25% CTR, over 4 x higher than Minted has seen previously.

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