How We Helped Minted Increase Landing Page Conversions By 75%


Increase in Conversion Rates


Sign-up Rate


Increase in CTR

Minted makes buying physical gold simple, secure and affordable for everyone.


Low performing landing page

Minted had just pushed paid Meta Ads & Google Ads campaign live, but its landing page wasn’t performing very well—the CTA only hit 5% conversion. 

The landing page needed a refresh for Minted to convert more visitors into customers.There’s one thing we cannot stand: poorly converting landing pages. So we had to step in.


Optimised landing page to increase conversions

  • To understand why the landing page was underperforming, we looked at everything, from impressions to CTRs on CTAs, to sign-ups and purchases. 
  • Armed with this data, we created a new landing page from scratch by:
  • Adding another CTA alongside the H1
  • Removing the animation and scroll lock causing users to leave the page early
  • Adding relevant imagery to give users an idea of the product 
  • Reordering the content for a natural flow 
  • Adding fees, FAQs, product information, USPs, and social proof
  • Removing the top navigation bar to move the focus on the one action we needed them to take—to sign up.


Increased landing page conversions by 75%

Minted's landing page was converting at a lower than expected 5%. After applying our knowledge and building it from scratch, it increased conversions by 75%.

Moreover, Minted’s CTR on the CTAs was 4% with an average of 650 clicks and around 3 new accounts created monthly. 

After revamping the landing page, the CTR increased by 25%, with + 1000 clicks and 4 x more new signups. 

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