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Whisper Claims
How We Refreshed WhisperClaims’ Audiences on LinkedIn
The Client

WhisperClaims is the a fully-automated software solution designed to enable accountants to deliver cost-effective, robust R&D tax relief claims for their clients without the need to outsource.

The Challenge

WhisperClaims came to us with a very unique challenge. They had a total audience size of around 30k, this included accountancy firms and solo accounts alike.

Due to their smaller than average audience size, those that had been targeted on LinkedIn over their 6-8 month campaign duration had become a little exhausted and unresponsive.

The numbers were nowhere near what we wanted them to be, so we needed to step in and refresh their audiences to start to see an increase conversions.

The Solution

Refreshing their target audiences was no easy job. We didn’t build entirely new audiences from scratch, instead what we did was create new and improved combinations of key features including job titles, groups and interests.

Whisperclaims had previously based their targeting solely on their audiences' job titles. By refreshing the combinations above we essentially built a different audience with the same set of people.

This unique take on targeting prevents audiences becoming fatigued with repetitive ads and helps to improve conversion rates.

The Results

When we first launched the campaign from September 1st - November 30th 2021, Whisperclaims were seeing around 10 demo requests in total submitted through paid activity.

After we refreshed audiences, from 8th February to 8th March we had delivered 14 demo requests.

Put simply, we increased demo requests by 40% in half the time.

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